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11679 Blough Road
Rittman, OH 44270

Tandem First Jump $199
AFF (Solo) First Jump: $299
Video & Photo: $109

Thursday: 4pm - Sunset
Friday: 4pm - Sunset
Satuday: 8am - Sunset
Sunday: 8am - Sunset

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Call 1-800-726-3483
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Exhibition Skydiving!

The 1-800-SKYDIVE Precision Freefall Team is now available for your event!

Have you ever been to a sporting event, a grand opening or a festival and seen the excitement that is created when skydivers deliver the game ball or pump up the crowd by landing right on the target?  Have you experienced the silent dignity of the American Flag flown overhead during the national anthem?  Have you wondered where you could hire this type of professional skydiving team?  The answer is right here!

Regardless of the size of your event, we can make a skydiving show tailored to your needs.  Small shows can be done for as little as $650.00 and include one professional skydiver jumping into your local event.   We can add smoke and flags, or deliver a package or game ball to the event.   We can field up to 8 jumpers for events of any size.  The most popular shows are either the one person jump due to its lower cost, or the three person jump which allows for greater variety of flags, smoke and aerial delivery packages.  Prices vary greatly with distance from our home base, the level of difficulty, the date of the event and how elaborate of a display is required.  The average cost of a full show with 3 team members, flags and, banners, freefall smoke, and insurance is between $1500.00 and $2000.00.  Smaller shows can be anywhere in between.  We can give approximations over the telephone, so please do not be afraid to call and ask.

Our skydiving shows are optionally insurable for amounts starting at $250,000, with coverage up to $1 million available. This special insurance for exhibition skydiving, is available only to performers who have proven their ability to reduce risks while conducting performances in a safe and ethical manner.  We also own and operate our own aircraft which allows us great versatility in accommodating your needs should a schedule change or a rainout occur.   

All of our professional skydivers possess the 'PRO' rating as issued by the United States Parachute Association.  This FAA recognized license is a symbol of competence and is issued only to skydivers who have proven their ability and have reached a minimum of 500 skydives and 2 years experience.  Our team's standard is literally twice as high, with a minimum of 1000 jumps and 5 years experience required per jumper.  In fact, our team members average over 2500 jumps and 10 years in the business.   All of our jumps are fully authorized and approved by the FAA, following a prescribed procedure to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.  This Certificate of Authorization is issued by the FAA to only the most qualified skydiving teams.  Our team has been granted this special approval annually for the last ten years. 

We also shoot digital video and  pictures of all our jumps from the air and ground.  At least one of our jumpers on each dive is equipped with a mini digital helmet cam.  Our ground crew is also equipped with video and still cameras.  These are shot at no extra charge and are available to the event sponsors afterwards. 

In any event that has children attending, our jumpers bring along a bag of parachute toys to give to the kids at no extra charge

Here are some things we have done at shows in the past:

Deliver the game ball; Deliver roses;  Deliver champagne;  Deliver a birthday card;  Deliver wedding gifts at outdoor receptions

Fly the American Flag, the State flag, the company or University flag

Ping-pong ball bingo - dropping numbered ping-pong balls which correlate to prizes

Target bingo - assists fundraising events by allowing the crowd to wager which jumper will land closest to  pre-selected targets in a landing area 

Santa Claus and elves at Christmas - Yes we have a real white haired fat guy and several smaller jumpers who make excellent green elves

Misc. costumes are available - we have a tuxedo, a wedding dress, a variety of theme costumes and we can adapt virtually anything that is available.  

The Precision Freefall Team members have performed at dozens of events in the Great Lakes region including:   

Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival, Canton, Ohio 

Festival of Freedom, Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio

Parade of Homes, Akron Area Homebuilders Association

Portage Lakes Fireworks Association, 4th of July Show

Sandusky Speedway, Sandusky Ohio

Norwalk Drag Raceway, Norwalk, Ohio

Acme-Zip Football Game, Rubber Bowl Stadium, Akron, Ohio

Ravenna Balloon Affair, Sun-Beau Valley Farms, Ravenna, Ohio

Wadsworth Airshow & Balloon Race, Wadsworth, Ohio

Kentucky Derby Festival, Thunder over Louisville, Kentucky

Budweiser-Cleveland 500 Burke-Lakefront Airport, Cleveland

Blossom-Music Center, WMMS Concerts, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cleveland Browns Football, Cleveland Stadium

Willow Run International Airshow, Detroit, Michigan

Lorain County Airshow, Lorain Ohio

Wickiffe City Fireworks Display, Wickliffe, Ohio

Portage Country Club Fireworks Display, Akron, Ohio

Ashland University Football, Ashland Ohio

Walsh University Football, Canton, Ohio

There have been dozens of smaller shows done by our team members, there are literally too many to list on this page!

Landing at Sandusky Speedway

Sandusky Speedway __________________________________________________________

Dropping in at the Akron Rubber Bowl

Rubber Bowl at Akron University __________________________________________________________

Patriotic Parachute

American Flag and matching parachute __________________________________________________________

Patriotic Parachute 2

American Flag and matching parachute __________________________________________________________

Hall of Fame Festival

Landing at the Hall of Fame Festival, Canton, OH __________________________________________________________

Portage Country Club

Landing the Giant American Flag at Portage Country Club, Akron OH __________________________________________________________

Hall of Fame Festival Media Coverage

Media coverage at the Hall of Fame Festival, Canton, OH __________________________________________________________

Digital Video Guy!

Digital video camera used by our team __________________________________________________________

Signing a Few Autographs

Signing Autographs for the Kids __________________________________________________________

Saying Hi to the Fans

Working the crowd after the jump __________________________________________________________

Visiting with the Fans

The kids love this guy __________________________________________________________

Mobbed by the Kids!

Mobbed by the kids again __________________________________________________________

Mobbed Again...

and again... __________________________________________________________

And Again!

and again! __________________________________________________________

Flying the Flag!


Freefall For Freedom!


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