General Info
11679 Blough Road
Rittman, OH 44270

Tandem First Jump $199
AFF (Solo) First Jump: $299
Video & Photo: $109

Thursday: 4pm - Sunset
Friday: 4pm - Sunset
Satuday: 8am - Sunset
Sunday: 8am - Sunset

For more information or to schedule your jump 
Call 1-800-726-3483
Experience the thrill of a lifetime!

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Experienced Jumpers | AER Ohio
Experienced Jumpers

 Cessna 182 Standard Exit Altitude is 10,500 feet.    Caravan Standard Exit Altitude is 12,000 feet.  

      $22.00 Regular Jump rates - Cessna 182

     $25.00 Regular Jump rates - Caravan

*These rates reflect a 5% Cash Discount* Refund Policy

Aerohio Newsletter

We have an automated email list for our experienced jumpers.  If you would like to be on it, you can sign up Here! AerOhio Skydiving respects your privacy and values you as a customer and fellow skydiver. We NEVER give out email addresses or other personal information without your prior approval and we don't sell our lists to anyone!

Prices apply only to AerOhio's 182.  Prices may not apply to jumps from visiting aircraft or special events.

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