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11679 Blough Road
Rittman, OH 44270

Tandem First Jump $199
AFF (Solo) First Jump: $299
Video & Photo: $109

Thursday: 4pm - Sunset
Friday: 4pm - Sunset
Satuday: 8am - Sunset
Sunday: 8am - Sunset

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Call 1-800-726-3483
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Student Rates | AER Ohio
Student Rates


Skydiving Rates





 Weekday Price




Group of 2  (All Prices are per person)



Groups of 3 to 6



Groups of 7 or more






Group of 2 



Groups of 3 to 6



Groups of 7 or more



** Weights over 200lbs add $.50 per pound **


GROUP ORGANIZERS! Earn a FREE Tandem skydive!  Bring 10 people besides yourself and you jump for free!!



All prices are per person. Group members do not all have to do the same type of jump in order to get group rate discounts.  If you are a StudentMilitary personnel, Law Enforcement, Rescue or Fire personnel, or a Senior Citizen (over age 60) you are eligible for the additional $10.00 discount!  You will simply need to show us a valid ID, Badge or Drivers License to earn the discount.  The $10.00 is off the retail price or what ever group pricing or weekday pricing for which you may be eligible.  If you are the organizer of a group, for every 10 people you bring (besides yourself) you will receive either $100.00 off your first AFF jump or a Free Tandem Skydive!



Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Training

Category AYour first jump!  $339  or discounted per group or weekday rates.

Category A:  $189 or $149 if purchased the same day as your first jump! Must be used within 30 days.

Category B:  $189 or $149 if purchased the same day as your first jump! Must be used within 30 days.

Category C:  $189  

Category C-2:  $159

Categories D & E:  $159 each with FREE video

Categories F, G, H & I:  $99 each with FREE video

Clear and pull:  $59 each

Graduation Dive: $99


Package Rates for Student Training 

Package1: 3 jumps for Categories;              B & C with FREE video:   $510        Packages are non-refundable.      

Package 2:  5 jumps for Categories       D & E with FREE video:   $625      Packages are non-refundable.


Package 3:  8 jumps for Categories   F & G with FREE video:  $640  Package are non-refundable

Package 4:  7 jumps for Categories    H & I with FREE video:  $625  Package are non-refundable. 

Tandem Skydives

Tandem First Jump: 239.00 or discounted per group or weekday rates

Second Tandem $119.  Must be purchased day of first jump and used with in 30 days.

Regular Repeat tandems:  $169.00


Static Line Jumps

First Jump: 199.00 or discounted per group or weekday rates

Additional jumps: 59.00

Package Rates for Static line training & transition to AFF 

Static Line #2, #3 and First AFF dive: $289.00

Individual Transition Jumps

From Tandem to AFF: 269.00 if done within 30 days of first tandem

From Static to AFF: 219.00 if done within 30 days of last Static line jump

From other Programs: varies per person and circumstances

Each Jump: 79.00 with own equipment

99.00 with rental equipment

Package Deal: $1499.00 for 20 jumps with own equipment. Packages are non-refundable.

Package Deal:  $1899.00 for 20 jumps with rental equipment. Package are non-refundable.

Solo Skydives

Novice solo: 50.00 includes jump, gear rental, accessories & pack job

Novice solo: 45.00  includes jump, gear rental, accessories  except novice packs for himself

Daily Gear Rental Rigs:  $50 for the day or $20 per jump. This does not include cost of each jump or pack job.  Must be a license holder.

Recurrency Training for Students

After 30 days - Repeat the previous level at the normal price

After 60 days - 25.00 plus the normal jump price

After 120 days - 50.00 plus the normal jump price (must attend a first jump class)

After 1 year - same as first jump prices and requirements

You are required to use a Cypres equipped rig until you have achieved a license, and for any currency dives regardless of experience level

 Our Standard Exit Altitude is 12,000 feet in the Caravan

$25.00 Regular Jump rates - Caravan $22.00 Regular Jump rates - Cessna 182


If you have any questions just email us at  

AerOhio Skydiving respects your privacy and values you as a customer and fellow skydiver. We NEVER give out email addresses or other personal information without your prior approval and we don't sell our lists to anyone!

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