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11679 Blough Road
Rittman, OH 44270

Tandem First Jump $199
AFF (Solo) First Jump: $299
Video & Photo: $109

Thursday: 4pm - Sunset
Friday: 4pm - Sunset
Satuday: 8am - Sunset
Sunday: 8am - Sunset

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Call 1-800-726-3483
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Hello Everyone

Where do I start, I jump0ed for the first time yesterday with a couple of friends took the AFF course.  The class room instructor was awesome.  We had a great time and I think it took a little longer than she wanted (learning curve for me).  I can't really put in to words how great everyone was and how they all got me to relax.  I was really excited and nervous.  When I got back home, I couldn't sleep.  I watched the video about 40 times.  When I got up today, I was still smiling.  I can't believe I did this and how much fun it was.  To everyone there, I will be back!!!  I look in the sky with envy now because I finally understand why you guys do what you do!

Thanks again, Nick aka the Kickin Chicken



I wanted to pass along a note of thanks to everyone involved in making my first AFF one of the best experiences of my life.  Please share this with:  Kelly our instructor. She was thorough, patient, and covered every detail we needed to know for our first jump.  We were prepared.  Craig and Fluffy? my jump instructors. They were thorough, positive and offered suggestions.  During the flight, Fluffy kept things light while Craig kept me focused on the details.  They were a great team and kept me on track during the free fall and canopy deployment.  Sherry for helping guide me to the landing zone which was eluding me and calling out exactly what I needed to do to touch down successfully.  I need to apologize to the team that repacks the canopies.  I forgot to secure the yellow toggles back on the risers. I would like to come back and jump again, not sure when.  Thanks again to everyone at Aerohio for helping to make my first jump exciting and successful.

Sincerely Mike Meine


Hi to all,
    When I was a little girl, I watched the birds in the sky, and I wished that I could fly. It was impossible then, but now, many years later, my dream has come true. Thanks to Aerohio, and all of your staff. I want to send a very special thanks to Jeremy Wilder, under his very capable guidance, I never had even one moment of fear. Also a special thanks to Wink for the beautiful pictures. Although the event lasted only a few minutes, the memories will last a lifetime, through the pictures. I know I was supposed to smile, but there was too much to see, and to experience. When Wink surprised me with a question about what I liked most about the dive, I was for a moment, speechless. There was no best part, it was all totally awesome, and I am still awed by it. I don't know what I'll do for my next birthday, but whatever it will be, I can't image anything that can be better than my first skydive!
Thanks again, Marge Mauk    


While visiting a friend in Cleveland, I needed to kill some time.  Drove the hour down to Aerohio and it was worth it !!!  I've been to many high profile dropzones lately, and really grew tired of the cold vibe, "Hi, where ya from? That's cool...bye".  that did not happen here.  I arrived and was quickly introduced to the two other fun jumpers there at the time.  After a very thorough DZ briefing (some say it is difficult to spot the DZ), we began planning our four way.  I did not even have to ask!  By the time the pilot showed up, one tandem and one AFF showed up , and guess what?...WE TOOK THE OTTER!

The whole way up, the staff was pointing out landmarks to help me find my way.  To be honest, I can understand how one could become confused finding the DZ, but don't sweat it.  Just watch the others on your load after deployment if you become desperate.  On the next jump, 2 people volunteered to help me sit fly.  They were very safety conscience, all while helping me get in the air to learn.  After it was all said and done, they even invited me to dinner.  That blew me away!  Had alot of fun that night and was invited up for the next weekend.  They really made me feel at home.

If you are anywhere in Ohio, make the drive.  Great people at that dropzone!  I will for sure head back there!

Philip from Pennsylvania


Hello AerOhio.  I had the time of my life skydiving at Rittman AerOhio.  It was a great birthday experience.  I had never done such a thing before.  Heck I only rode the rides at a theme park and got so scared, so this was really pushing it.  On June 19th, I saw the commercial and got the crazy thought that I could dare myself to go for it.  Since I didn't have anything planned for my birthday (June 20, 2006), I thought why not.  I drove 100 miles by myself to do it since I didn't want anyone discouraging me.  It was worth everything I put into it.  Jeremy Wilder the instructor rocked!!!!  He was so great at making me feel more comfortable.  He didn't give a chance to worry.  I felt safe and protected and HAD FUN JUMPING.  I'll definitely do this again.  I should make it my birthday thing.

New Sky Fan, Ruth Maina in Columbus, Ohio


Hello, my name is Jennifer Barrett and last Saturday, May 20th I was at Aerohio to enjoy a tandem skydive.  This was my first time experiencing skydiving and I absolutely LOVED it!  From my photos and video I viewed since Saturday you can tell I was having a great time.  This was partially due to my instructor Pierre (can’t remember his last name).  He was a wonderful person to share this experience with and kept me calm and focused as well as added a great deal of humor which I truly appreciated!  I felt very safe and comfortable with him and truly felt that he made the entire event so much fun.  Kudos also to “Wink” for the great job he did in filming/photographing and adding some laughs.   

I also appreciated the professionalism of all your staff members as well as the organization and have made a point to not only share my fantastic experience with my friends but also where and how great a place I think Aerohio is.  Thank you for an incredible experience I will always remember and perhaps you will see me again soon! 

Warmest Thanks, 

Jennifer Barrett


Hi Everyone,

WOW! I had the time of my life & I owe it all to the expert and friendly staff of Aerohio! I felt both a bit nervous and excited having made the decision to go skydiving. (I also took it to heart the fact that I could possibly die, so yes, I even had a certain level of fear.) Upon arriving at Aerohio, however, I enjoyed hearing the first time accounts of the dives and my worry decreased. I knew then that I would most likely live to tell about it! Unfortunately, there was a minor delay due to the cloud coverage and muddy run-way, however, it was good for me personally to get psyched for my jump. While waiting, my nervousness decreased and I enjoyed the $4 food deal immensely. It was so nice not to worry about anything! The staff was so friendly it was like a big family atmosphere. I had an awesome jumpmaster (BK)- he made me feel at ease and in good hands. I'm so glad that I decided to pay the extra money and get a DVD and still pictures. My video/photographer (Scott Andrews) was amazing! I cannot believe the pictures he took. He was right there! Incredible!!! They are so very priceless to me now as I can show everyone my entire experience and relive it as often as I like. I loved it! I am on such a natural high that I hope I don't lose. I will definitely jump again in the near future. I'm spreading the word about skydiving and trying to get many of my colleagues interested in skydiving as I think that everyone should experience it- at least once. I've probably shown my video over 50 times now! (You don't know if you will like something if you don't try, right?) Really, this dive was symbolic for me, it's kind of like a metaphor for facing all your fears-you know, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! I believe I can do anything now! There is nothing like this in the world! Nothing!! I know that I'll be taking my daughter next year for her 18th birthday as she is really interested in it, but personally, now I don't think that I can wait to do it again till then. Incredible!!

I think that the only scary part to your first skydive is making the decision to do it. After that there's nothing to it (granted I couldn't sleep the night before as I was so nervous and excited & woke up every hour). Standing in the doorway ready to jump was surreal! I couldn't believe that I was going to do it! Also, I wasn't surprised that I felt a bit queasy when the parachute opened as I can get motion sickness on roller-coasters, but just like childbirth, you forget the discomfort quickly!! Wow, I want to do it again! THE experience of a lifetime. Thank you! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I will NEVER forget it! NEVER!!!!

Sincerely, Joy Scott



The jump I did on Saturday was one of the most amazing feelings I've ever had. Blake and Nicole did a great job of coaching me through the jump and made everything easy. Your directions while I was parachuting made that part and the landing alot more simple. I just wanted to say thanks again and that your patience and help was much appreciated. Take care and I hope to make it back up there soon.

Steve Bzomowski


Linda, Sherry, and Jeremy-

It was, as always, a pleasure skydiving last Saturday. You are always professional while being personable at the same time. Zak's buds (Mitch and Todd) had the time of their lives. The rebels were smart to get the dvd and still pics cd. I may get that next time. 

Zak is seriously considering his A license but time and $ are limited. In any event, he hopes to be up within 30 days. I will go again with son Ben but that looks like it will be in June or later. 

Your help is always appreciated. I will be back.

Bill Fithian


Hi Ya'all!

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help with my feeble, frantic free fall efforts over the past weekend - at least I got a pretty good idea of how to land square canopies and a much clearer picture of just how much I hafta work on in the air.... and for showing a very ole dog some great new tricks.

Kudos to Sherry for making me stand up straighter and suck in my gut whenever she was around - to Jeremy for listening to my endless stories with (?) interest - to Wink for inspiring a geezer with hope for the possibility of entry into the 21st century of skydiving.

And, most of all -  thanks for not laughing (out loud). 

Also, much gratitude to Jamie and her crew, who kept me in the air with their cheerful willingness to pound that new AP canopy into submission.

To all for your friendliness, patience and professionalism - you totally embody the true spirit of skydiving!

Best regards, Padraic

P.S. Many thanx to Mike for his very generous offer to put me up! (and for reminding me that rounds rock!)


Sherry, I wanted to say thanks to you and all the staff at Aerohio.  This summer, I learned to skydive and it was one of the most enjoyable summers I had in recent years.  Everyone was very helpful and willing to answer my constant questions.  Even though I am barely licensed, I was not treated as an outsider and was made to feel welcome when I was at the DZ. 

I hope to see you next year! Doug Mathey


Dear AerOhio,

I wanted to let you and your staff know what a bang up job you do at your skydiving center!  My instructor, Shawn "Swoop" Conley was top notch.  He made my experience pleasurable with his sharp wit and very professional attitude.  I purchased my video and stills and they were photographed by Nate Varnes.  He does top shelf work.  I am so impressed with the quality and professionalism of your staff.  Also, hats off to your office staff, Amanda and Nicole.  They were very informative and patient with all my questions.  I couldn't have had a better first jump experience.

Thank you, William Johnson.


Dear Chris Naujoks,

Thank you for being such a gentlemen and caring.  You will always be in my heart - I will trust my life in your hands - always.  I plan on coming back & I want you to be my instructor!

God Bless you. Teresa Monaco


Dear Tim & Sherry,

Thank you for the "Safety Day Training" this last Saturday.  It being my first time, I of course was inspired.  What struck me though, was the program reception by your very experienced staff and regular jumpers.

I appreciate your fatality analysis and the thorough review by Foggy and Lisa.  I am looking forward to this, my first summer retired and spent under your tutelage.

In Jesus Christ- Jim Zushin


Hi Tim and Sherry,

I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you for hosting Safety Day this year at Aerohio. It was my first visit to your dz and I was very impressed with your facilities and staff. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and the material covered during the seminars was invaluable.

The donuts, coffee and pizza of course were greatly appreciated.  I'm looking forward to warm weather and the chance to get to know all of you during lots of jumps at Aerohio!

Best regards, Frank Purnell


Hey Wink-

Your photos and video are amazing!! Cant tell you how much it means to have my first skydive documented so professionally. I'm coming back for more- I'll try to give you a smile or two- ha! Was a bit scared that time- and never really thought about smiling or posing....I'd love to use a photo or two in the Ohio State Alumni Magazine. Maybe we could talk about getting some additional photos too....Again- Thanks so much!

I just love my photos!

Whitney Bailey


Just a quick note to let you know I had an outstanding time today.  
The whole experience started last weekend when we had to cancel because of high winds.  The whole staff was friendly and courtieous.  I was supposed to do a tandem jump with Bill Beres.  He made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions.  I didn't have any worries about coming back as soon as possible.
  Today I was paired up with Nate Varns. He was also able to tell me the things I needed to know and answered all of the new questions I had thought up from the weekend before.  Your entire staff is comprised of wonderful people.  I don't think I would hesitate to come back for another jump.  And I will definitely tell everyone I know what an AWESOME and INCREDIBLE experience it really was.
What a great group of people!
Thanks for the chance to jump!
Craig Fritz 


 Thanks for making Jason's first AFF such a wonderful and safe experience for him.  Foggy was great both in the classroom and working with him through the jump.  Both he and Peter made it a great experience for him.  The jump is all he has talked about since Saturday and he is the envy of many of his high school classmates!   As part of his thesis he investigated other companies and yours by far surpassed the rest and offered everything that he was looking for -- safety, opportunity to do an AFF on the first jump and a reputable company that follows the USPA guidelines.  All of your staff were very friendly, helpful and considerate of the jumpers and the spectators.
 Jason's pictures turned out great.  Once he gets his thesis and a DVD made of the pictures and video that you and we took, I am sure he will share it with you.
 Thanks to all for making this a fun and safe experience for him.
Sincerely, Lynn Hardesty


Tim and Sherry,

    Thank you for so much more then just giving me a place to work and live. Thank you for being the people you are and restoring my lost faith in human kind. Thank you for running a DZ that cares for its jumpers and staff. And for running a DZ that is safer then any other DZ i have ever jumped at.                                                                                                

     I hope the winter is short and we come back soon. We will miss you two!

Larry, Cathy, Sean, Jake, Mariah


  You are the one that did the videos and pictures of my jump on Sept. 12th. WOW!! I cant believe how you were right outside the plane to get the video and prints for me! They are fantastic. i jumped with Craig. I did not pick up my head for the pictures of video. i was just in awe of the picture below me -  it is unbelievable! My sister -in- law and a friend jumped at the same time that day. So many have "marveled: at the photography. We will return next year for another jump. I'm sending anyone interested to your company. 

Thanks a lot,                                                                                         Diane Elling   


I completed my first tandem jump yesterday at your facility.  This was the most exhilarating experience of my life!  It was awesome! I just wanted to thank everyone, especially Alan and Smiley, who made the whole experience a wonderful one! 

THANKS!!  Michele J. McClure District Property Supervisor


My husband and I completed our first tandem jump at AerOhio yesterday. WOW! I was speechless! We’re still soaring from the adrenaline high! Thank you to the whole team at AerOhio, especially our tandem instructors, Bill and Smiley; and our videographers, Wink and Nate. I’ve already watched the video half a dozen times! I was a bit nervous about skydiving, but my fears were (somewhat!) calmed after reading the “Safety Information” link on your web site. Anything less than “obsessive and compulsive attention to safety detail” would be unacceptable when you’re jumping out of an airplane at 14,000 feet. I’m so glad to have found a DZ that feels the same way. After reviewing a few DZ’s, I decided that if I was going to jump, I was doing it at AerOhio. We found the entire staff to be not only courteous and professional, but fun-loving people who were easy to talk to. Thank you for the most exciting vacation memory we’ve ever had! We’ll be back! 

Still Flyin’ High,  Rob and Kris Snyder


Thank you all for the wonderful fireworks display you always put on.  My husband and I have watched the jumpers on many occasions and someday in the future, plan on jumping (tandem).  
 Thanks again we are glad you are in the area.
Denny & Annie Mullins


Hi Tim & Sherry,

Wanted to drop you a line and say Thank You for everything.

Christine and I had a wonderful time ( as always ! ) and we appreciate all the efforts you and Tim put into Aerohio to make it a wonderful place. 
I know what it's like to keep your customers happy, even in the toughest times, but you do it so well and with a smile too :-) This weekend was no exception and your efforts were appreciated by both of us.
Thank You !

Rick & Christine Ristich Ontario, Canada 


Dear AerOhio,
     I first want to thank you for a life changing experience. Word's can not say how much I have enjoyed your DZ. The first time I was there in May was the first time I had ever been at a DZ. After waiting all day for the cloud's to break my Fiancée and I discovered how friendly  and family oriented your facility is. My fiancée and I spent most of the day talking to Jim and Bill in the spectator area. After half a day of waiting for blue sky I felt like I was at home talking to them . What made my experience even better was Billy took me on my first tandem flight. It was comforting to jump with someone I spent a couple of hours to know. I also can not thank Wink enough for the great picture's of my first flight. I would highly suggest him as a cameraman any day to anyone. This past weekend I made another visit with my brother this time. My brother still don't know if it was the most fun or the scariest thing he has ever done. All he kept saying is he got his" wig blown back". For me it just confirmed I have a new addiction. After talking to Billy again this last weekend he suggested starting A.F.F. classes. I told him financially it would be a problem right now. He said I could come over and pack chutes on the weekend to help pay for classes. Is this seriously an option? If so I would be more than willing to learn. Either way I will be back again. I hope to start a class and earn my wing's. Thank you again for a great DZ and wonderful people.
John Crampton 


Hi Sherry, As you probably already know I am moving to Texas and it doesn't look like I am going to be able to jump at Aerohio again before I leave. I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for welcoming me so quickly into your skydiving family. I would also like to thank all of the other instructors I had the privilege of working with. Aerohio will always be my home DZ and I promise to spread the word about Aerohio as I travel around. I will come back to visit whenever I can. Once again I would like to say thank you and best of luck. Jeremy Cousino _______________________

Hi Sherry, Just wanted to express my thanks to everyone at AerOhio that worked with me on my level 1 & 2 AFF jumps this last weekend, the overall experience made me feel capable and comfortable.  The reviews of my performance were upbeat and positive, even though my first dive was far from perfect.  I am already looking forward to jumping again, hopefully doing my AFF 3 & 4, probably sometime in June.  I appreciate everything that was done to create such a wonderful jumping experience. Take care and see you sometime in June. Sincerely, John M. Helwig.....


Dear Sir or Madame: Nikki Bolea here. My friend Alex and boyfriend Rick were at AerOhio on August 24th for our first skydiving experience. It was overcast that morning and we actually didn't think we were going to jump that day because jumping conditions were not good. As 2 hours passed by the sky started to get clearer and we started to get more and more anxious. Our time was slowly coming.............the moment we've been waiting for, SKYDIVING! We decided to do the tandem jump since none of us have ever had any skydiving experience. As we were ascending into the clear blue skies all I heard was "DOOR" and I was about ready to faint. I wanted to thank "Jess" my tandem instructor for being so nice, caring and understanding and for giving me that "extra push" when I was standing 14,000 feet above ground wondering what the hell I was thinking when planning this insane skydiving experience. WOW! What a rush that was! I ordered the video and there hasn't been one day that I hven't watched it and shared it with friends/family. Overall, everyone at AerOhio was so nice and supportive. Thanks also to "John" and "Linda" Winkler for everything and thanks to "Nate" the videographer, I love the videotape. We're even considering jumping for Labor Day. I'm sure we'll be back to visit with you all soon. P.S. We never did find out where "Braun" (sp?), he was Ricks tandem instructor really is from? What country? His accent is not from Georgia either. Ha, ha, ha. Take care. Blue Skies, Nikki Bolea


Just a quick word to say thanks for a GREAT day Sunday, 6/15...Father's Day. My tandem jump with Gary Murray and Bill Beres as my videographer was everything I imagined and more. I couldn't get rid of the smile on my face for several hours after the jump. I hope to come back one day for the AFF. Nice facility and super organization. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again sometime. Harry Eynon Uhrichsville, OH


Now that I have my D license I would like to take this time to thank AerOhio, (Tim and Sherry). I overheard a conversation Tim was having last spring. Tim was analyzing why people come to AerOhio. In my case there are four DZ's within a two hour drive of me. AerOhio being the furthest. The freebies are nice and the finest fastest airplane anywhere helps too but these are not the reasons I come to AerOhio. The reason I patronize AerOhio is the way you run your business. Safety is utmost on my mind. I notice how well you maintain your aircraft and your student rigs. I have seen you both tell people no when they are not ready to downsize or they are not ready to try a new skill. I have seen you both get people aside and point out that they just did something that could potentially hurt themselves or others. You are both professionals and you insist on professionalism from your staff. You are on top of skydiving's latest technology and you see that the knowledge gets passed on to us all. Your facilities are clean, well organized and they continue to grow. I sometimes wonder how Sherry keeps her pleasant disposition no matter what. A gift that seems to rub off on others. In short, AerOhio is by far the best DZ. that I have jumped at. ( 7 so far and hoping to add a couple of more next month). Even with my D license, I fully realize that I am a small fish in a very large pond. No big head here. Master skydiver to me means I have the skill to conduct a skydive from beginning to end without hurting myself or others. As for my other skills I look forward to my continued education at AerOhio. Blue skies, Bill Z


Hi Tim and Sherry,

How are you doing? It looked snowy in Ohio on the map this morning. I won't make you jealous by saying it is in the 70's in AZ then. But that is not why I write this mail. We had some Japanese visitors jumping here. Also this very nice couple who skydived at AerOhio this summer. I don't know if you remember them, they are on a trip through the USA skydiving in every state.  They still need to visit 23 states, but guess what their favorite DZ is so far:.......right AerOhio!!  They went on and on how nice we were to them and about the jumps they made. Anyway there is this other couple from Japan and I had already mentioned AerOhio to them. After they talked to each other she wanted all the information. I recommended the 4th of July weekend and she said that she was getting this bonus in July and they are planning to come. It would be nice if they would bring some more Japanese skydivers, but I thought it was nice.

Elly O.


To the members of AerOhio: Thank you for your recent donation to our department and your continued support. It is people like you that help our department to grow. This money will to into a fund for education or new equipment. Thank You !

Sterling Fire and Rescue Editors note: AerOhio donated $500 to the Sterling VFD this fall. These were proceeds from our annual charity pumpkin drop. This brings our total donated to charity to over $10,000.00 in the past 5 years.


AerOhio,  Thank you very much for allowing the Kent State Adventure Center to run our skydiving program through your school.  Everyone who participated had a GREAT time (including myself), and we wanted to extend our appreciation. We would very much like to collaborate again in the future due to the tremendous amount of fun and success this trip was.

Sincerely, Justin Yeakel


To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to write and let you know what a great experience I had at your facility. After coming down from Cleveland two days in a row, and due to adverse weather, I was not able to jump, I was a little anxious.

All of the employees were wonderful. I was especially impressed with my tandem master Bill Beres. The two days I spend there previous to my jump could have been very frustrating while I waited several hours for the weather to break. Bill spent time with me and I could tell how much he enjoyed his work. He explained everything I needed to know about jumping and I felt very confident. When I finally did jump, I was not at all nervous. I feel this was due to Mr. Beres, his thorough instruction, and his own excitement. He was very professional yet a lot of fun at the same time. 

I have recommended AerOhio to friends and co-workers and will definitely return myself. 

Thank you,  Kim Bates


To The AerOhio Team,

I just got the still pictures back.....They are GREAT !!  You all have made my first skydive adventure a memory that I will never forget. Thanks again, I never had any doubts..  I'll be seeing you.
Raymond O'Wade,  (7 Oct-Tandem)

Thank you for a bunch of funny fresh formatted well coached RW-jumps in the weekend October 5/6 - after the Danish season have cooled down. You might risk to see me again at your friendly dropzone. Blue skies and soft landings to all Erling Bille


I just wanted to thank everyone for a great first jump experience I had this past Sunday.  I went Tandem with Chris (a.k.a. Blink), and Shannon was my videographer.  The video and the stills turned out great - I will definitely treasure them forever!  Blink was very supportive, friendly, and fun!  So, thanks again for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Sincerely, Kristy Gilkerson


The Rittman All-Sports Booster Club extends our sincere thank you for your support of our fall sports programs. Thank you for your generosity.

Erin Baker and Janice Blough, Program Co-odinators


Sherry Butcher,

    Thank you so very much for the freefall experience @ AerOhio.  I had a spectacular time and plan to return for accelerated freefall.  It will be well worth the drive of 360 mile round trip.  Your staff are to be commended.  My first impression was Linda @ the window she was very friendly and helpful with the plethora of paperwork.  Chris "Blink" made my first step much easier and his instructions were clear, concise, and understandable for the fledgling jumper.  In closing,  "Wink"  did a fantastic job with the video and his still shots were perfect.  Thank you Sherry, Linda, Blink and Wink it was well worth the 360 mile trek.
Dana Lee Twaddle
hello all!  I just wanted to thank you guys for being very professional ,and making us (Stacy Pabon) , Lyndsay Packo , and Chris Way feel safe and comfortable with our very first experience tandem skydiving! It was  a gift for my 30th birthday, and i will truly never forget that day!  Thank you Blink for a wonderful video , and thank you Chris (blink)<<<all the girls at my work think your hot! keep up the great work! we will definitely be back! hope to see you all!


Hello there! I would like to thank the skydivers who made my 30th birthday a wonderful and wild day! On 10-2-02 , I, (Stacy Pabon) , Lyndsay Packo , and Chris Way decided to take a crazy challenge of our lives! My boyfriend Chris knew i wanted to go skydiving so i can challenge my fear of heights , and small planes! so what better day than my birthday?????WHAT A RUSH!I have to say the crew we had along with us, were very professional and made all of us feel safe our first try! I must say blink made me feel safe anyway! He knew i was frightened when i climbed higher and higher in that plane! Thumbs up to you ! Everyone sang happy birthday to me , and (Wink )was the lucky 1 videotaping me! (GREAT FOOTAGE, AND SOUND) I started to shed a tear ,or two thinking it was my last birthday !, but i grew a nice set of >>(male organs) lets just say !It was also more than i guessed the whole experience would be!I  Don't think any of us will be strangers! we want MORE!!!

thanks again!and be safe!  my new saying>>>>"CAN I GET A WINK , AND A BLINK"!! !:0)>>>YOU GUYS ROCK!



I did my first jump Wednesday night at 5pm. It was AWESOME! I was so terrified up to the first second we jumped out (I did a tandem) then I loved it! I just wanted to let you know that Blink was with me and to tell you that he is such an asset to your organization. He lightened things up for me to tried to put me at ease. I had 10 people from work plus my husband come to watch me and all were impressed with everything. The videographer "Wink" was also great. I just wanted to compliment all of you and thank you for such a great time. I will be back and hopefully with jumpers and not just spectators next time!! Thanks again and have a great day!
Roda Rose

Hello Tim, Sherry, Linda, Wink, Mark and all the Staff and jumpers at AerOhio.  Thanks for the hospitality when we visited your drop zone a few weeks ago. We had a wonderful time.  Have a great autumn. See you again. 

Jimmy Tavino, Frontier Skydivers


Hello there.  I just wanted to drop a line and thank you again for such a great time.  All of the guys on the team want to come back to your dz, and make it a regular stop on our travels. Jumping with you guys reminded me what fun a good day of skydiving can be!!  Hope to hear from you soon. Dan Moesch Golden Knights, US Army Parachute Team


Dear Sherry and Tim,

Thank you for extending the welcome mat for our visit to your drop zone. On top of having a first class facility, it was the personal touch that was offered by you and your staff that made our visit one to be remembered. When organizing skydives, I like to take a moment during the skydives, to reflect on how fortunate we are to be skydivers, the experience of skydiving, and the brotherhood to which we belong. Its nice to see that your drop zone embraces that philosophy as well. I look forward to our next visit.

Till then, Best Regards,  Brian Lefchander, D-10442


Dear Friends at AerOhio,   I would like to thank you for every thing you folks have done for us. I have been to other drop zones but your's is second to none. I wanted Eva to have the time of her life and most of all, feel safe doing it. You people put her and I at ease and it means so much to us.  We will be back and if we can help you in any way by referring you, we will. I would like to thank John Winkler, who I had known from bridge day for the photos and videos. We will enjoy it for years to come.  Mickey, you were great and you made Eva's dream come true. I owe you big time for the way you treated us. You made her feel at ease and most of all the jump was all that it should be. May God bless our friends at AerOhio and keep you safe.

John Springer


I too wanted to extend a thank you to AEROHIO.  I came along with Chip Regis and Clair for a day of instruction and an AFF.  Having been airborne certified in the US Army, I did not know what to expect.  I am pleased to say that I was completely impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of your company.  I felt the instruction portion of our day was fantastic. Because of all the repetition the jump progression felt like second nature. The Jumpmasters that accompanied me on my jump were constantly reminding me of what to do and what to expect.  At 14,400 feet, it is good to think about the jump at hand. The whole experience is one that has left me with a empty feeling......I WANT MORE!!!!!!  Thanks again to you and your staff for an enjoyable and memorable experience!!! Sincerely, Kent J. Wareham P.S.     AIRBORNE IS STATIC.............SKYDIVING IS FLYING!!!!!!!


Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for a great time on Saturday!  I got my photos developed and posted them on the web.  "Blink" said he would like to see them.  You can go to and click on "Jump!" Thanks again! Respectfully, Chip Regis *editors note - Chip wrote about his jump and it is quite interesting Click here to read it:  Story


Just wanted to thank you all for such an awesome time!  Yesterday I skydived with Peter.  I was on the first plane after the rain stopped.  Very cool.  I love the tape and pictures!  I am attaching some pics.  You'll have to let me know if you were able to open them.  Everyone at AerOhio seems fun.  Can't wait to come back!  I'd love to make this a new hobby.

Kristina B.


I am sending this note to express my deep gratitude for everything that you have done.  Super show Tim ! Thanks,  Dan Weltzien, Skypark Airport.   (editor's note - this is in response to a jump we made into Skypark at their summer fly-in celebration)


Hellllllllllllooooo AerOhio,                     Just wanted to thank you folks once again for the opportunity and thrill of another skydive. Approximately one month after doing my very first tandem, I signed up to do my level 1 AFF.  It was definitely the "HOOK" that will keep me coming back.  Of course I'll still be there to learn how to pack parachutes, but now I will throw a few skydives into the mix.  I cannot stress enough the knowledge and the professionalism that all the instructors showed during the classroom, practical, and skydive portions of the training.  Like most people, I was a little nervous about jumping out of your plane without someone strapped to my back.  Ellie took away all of my apprehensions about fifteen to twenty minutes into the classroom portion of my training.  She informed us that if you can get past the fear of standing in the door of the plane, you are ready to enter the awesome world of skydiving.  As soon as I got to the door of the plane, my anxiety only lasted milliseconds.  At that point, I just had to focus on the instructions that I received from Ellie and let the fun begin.  So thanks and I will see you all again real soon. Mike Ward


Tim and Sherry, Just wanted to drop you a line saying how much fun it was skydiving with you all this weekend. It was the first time my wife and I had visited your DZ and we were both very impressed with your "First Class Operation".  As first time visitors we were a little apprehensive going to a new DZ, but your friendly atmosphere of jumpers took that feeling away quickly. I was asked on a "POPS" load before I could start filling out the waiver and my wife got asked on the "Womens Big Way Attempt". I want to thank Tim, Bill, and all the other organizers and camera flyers for the "Ohio record POPS Jumps" .We would also like to thank Andy for keeping my wife and I "Lazy Butts" packed and ready for the next load. Thanks again and we hope to see you all again before the summer's over!    Blue skies, Mike & Margaret Irvin Waynesville,Ohio


I have met some really great people and you and Tim are the best DZO's I have known in my 23 years of skydiving. I really will miss everyone at the DZ. Thank you, R. F. Barnes Jr. Vice President Director, I & O Enterprise Help Desk Bank One

Editor's note - Bob Barnes has been an organizer at the Ranch, Skydive Chicago, Z-hills and others.  We were privileged to have him as a load organizer for the past 2 seasons.  A job change has moved him to the East Coast. He will be missed as an organizer, fun jumper and 4 way competitor at AerOhio.


Tim & Sherry, Nice job. It’s terrific to see DZO’s bringing some professionalism to the business. I’d forgotten how pleasant it could be at a DZ. Thanks for the good time. We’ll be back soon! David & Ginny Clarkson


Tim and Sherry, Thanks for a great weekend! I appreciate you letting Red Bull be involved in such an awesome event.  Alfie Brody Field Marketing Manager - Ohio Red Bull North America, Inc.


Mr. Butcher, I just wanted to tell you that I had such a great time jumping for the first time on Sunday.  Even though it was a tandem, it was awesome.  My instructor was awesome and just the way your group ran things was great.  My sister and I had a great time, we are even trying to organize another trip later this summer with some of our family and friends.  But, again thank you for all that you have done and for the experience that I had.  That is one goal in life that I can now check off my list!!!! Thank you so much, Juliet Donahue __________________________

Hi everyone. Thank you for an awesome weekend! You have a truly beautiful drop zone and a fantastic Otter, but what made the weekend so much fun was you. You have something very special at your DZ - a group of fun and warm-hearted jumpers. (And, no, we don't say this to everyone! We really enjoyed the weekend.) Thank you for coming to fly with us. The big ways on Sunday were a blast. I wish we would have gotten a chance to do more. We will submit the attached picture to Skydiving Magazine as an Ohio state BirdMan record (it's unofficial, of course, but still cool none the less.) I hope it makes it in the July issue. Check out the attached pictures. The second picture is of our office in DeLand. Any time you are in the neighborhood, please give us a call or stop by. Have a fantastic summer season. We hope to see you smile in the sky again sometime. Blue skies, long soars... Jari and Kim Jari Kuosma   Kimberly Griffin President       Business Manager 1665 N Lexington Ave Suite 103 DeLand, FL 32724, USA +386.785.0800 Office phone


Dear Tim,  Thank you so much for the thrill of a lifetime ! The jump was fantastic, the weather was just perfect and the company was teriffic. I had a great time and appreciate your bringing me back safely. Thanks again. Yours in the faith,

Linda Smith


Just wanted to thank you and all the other professional staff there at AEROHIO.  I initially started skydiving when you were located at Skypark and made about 10-11 jumps.  I started static-line and went from there and made six jumps after my first "hop & pop".  I recently made a tandem jump, which I might add was a long time coming, and there was no excuse I can give to why it took me eight, yes eight years to jump again.  My in-law is a member of the staff at the drop zone and if it weren't for his, well for lack of a better term, nagging, I wouldn't have experienced the thrill and awesome professionalism of AEROHIO skydiving and DOWN TO EARTH PHOTOGRAPHY. Thanks again and I would love to put my "two cents" in to keep AEROHIO the best DZ.     Mike Ward __________________________

Hi Tim,
I want to thank you for your kindness and timely response. You are one of the nicest people I've talked with through a company. Just from our e-mails, I would recommend Aerohio to anyone because of your kindness and efficiency. Thanks again.

Kim Gordon


Hello everyone,
    I would first like to thank everyone that made my jump on Sunday, May 19th possible!  Everyone there was SO incredibly friendly.  I felt extremely welcome.  I jumped for my first time and it was great!  Bram was my tandem instructor.  He was very helpful and also very funny and enjoyable.  It was great to watch him land time after time, run inside to get another student and chute, and them come right back out.  Mr. Winkler filmed my jump very well.  Everyone I've shown the video to has loved it!  Thank you so much!  I will definitely come back for my license.  I would like to at least begin my jumps for my license by this summer.  What exactly do I need to do and who do I talk to about it.  I would like to get my license as quickly as I can comfortably do it.  How many AFF jumps am I able to complete in a single day?  I would like to know so that I can try to plan a schedule for the summer.  Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to seeing everyone again!
Marc A. Rothenberg

I had the pleasant opportunity to jump out of 82B this past weekend at Frontier. We had a wonderful weekend and couldn't have done it without Tim and your airplane. I hope his return flight was good and that we might see him again.

Jim, member of Frontier Skydivers, Buffalo NY


I wanted to write to thank all the staff working yesterday the 26th for making it the best day of my life. I can't tell you enough how much fun I had. Skydiving is my new favorite thing. I only wish there was a way I could do it all the time, and for less money. I am definately coming at the end of the summer after i have worked and got some more money. I also want to start the training program so I can one day jump alone, when I graduate college. Can you tell me what this involves, like how much will everything cost, do I need my own equiptment, how long will it take, etc?? I really really loved it, and I can't imagine skydiving not being a part of my future, seriously. Special thanks go out to Bram for making my first jump the best, Wink for making the best video ever, Linda, Sherry, and Tim for putting up with my 150 phone calls! You guys made my day complete. See you guys in August:) THANKS AGAIN, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Alana Byrnes p.s. I'll be getting my pictures back tomorrow, expect to get one in the mail next week!! __________________________

Sherry, Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!! No other word comes close to trying to describe my AFF SkyDive. Shawn, Melissa, Will & I took the AFF class this past thursday (4/18 - my birthday :-). It turned into a perfect day, and we all had an unforgettable experience. I can't count the number of times I've relived the experience in my head. I'm definitely coming back for the Level 2 class! I was truly fortunate to find AerOhio on the internet when looking for a place to SkyDive. From everything I've read, from talking to the people at AerOhio (both instructors, jumpers and students) while I was there, and from what I experienced for myself - I recommend to everyone that they go to AerOhio for their first jump, especially an AFF skydive. You and Craig did a great job preparing us for the jump, and having Chris & <dang it, can't remember his name now> at my side during the jump was the perfect ending - Thank all of them so much for me. I've already got a handful of people that want to go with me next if they can, so when I come again I'll have another little group of people with me. Also, I appreciate the extra concern and time you took with Will to make sure he was ready for his dive (we all wondered at times whether he was going to go through with it or not :-). And then to hear how the two people that jumped with him made sure he had a safe dive - again, an incredible job by the instructors at AerOhio. I wouldn't dream of learning anywhere else! Thanks for making AerOhio such an incredible place. The 3 hour drive is more than worth it! Aaron Becher __________________________


Just wanted to say thanks for making my first jump such an enjoyable experience, one that I will never forget!  I was also lucky enough to have this experience with my son Jarrod, who talked me into going...Thanks to Gary, "M" Beres, for my jump and to Bill and Swoop for Jarrods' jump...he is learning so much from you guys and you make it a pleasure to learn...
Once again, IT WAS AWESOME!
 Thanks,  Char 



I wanted to thank you for all that you have done to get me into a rig and keep me flying.  If it wasn't for you I'd be grounded.  I'd also like to thank Tim, you and all of your staff for all their advise and training to obtain my "A" license. 
Since I started skydiving I've been reading several articles in skydiving magazines and I'm always seeing the same thing written in the editorials over and over.  New Skydivers not feeling welcome, not fitting in, or no one asking them to join any RW jumps, after getting there license.  I can honestly say I can understand how that could deter new skydivers from continuing in this sport.  I love to jump, but the way your DZ is run keeps me coming back.  I can not count the number of times I've been asked to join a 4-way,  6-way, 8-way, and not only by staff but by your experienced skydiving customers.  Not only do they invite but they also give pointers and have helped me with correcting any problems.  This means a great deal to a new jumper and my hat goes off to all that work and come to play at AerOhio.   

Wes Stought


Tim and Sherry, You may not remember me, but I came from Hastings earlier this year to do practice jumps with Bram in preparation for the AFF course we had at Hastings. Anyway we had a pretty good start with our AFF program. We had more people than Rick ever expected wanting to go strictly AFF. I ended up the season doing 47 AFF jumps. I was shooting for 60, but we had some bad weather weekends toward the end of the season. I expect next year will be very busy. Thanks for all the help, Bruce Johnson



Bill Hamilton- I wanted to drop you a line to tell you once again how much I appreciate you taking time out of your day to take me up in the plane, then all the way down.  It truly was an experience that I will never forget, though I'll never quite remember it, except in bits and pieces. The skydive really was a life changing event...I can't look at the sky without thinking about it. Every time I hear a plane go overhead, I just wait for the engines to cut and skydivers to jump out. Addictive little sport, skydiving is. Thanks Bill, you became a part of my history by helping me complete a little 'ole dream of mine.

Tim Butcher- I also want to thank you for taking me up into the plane, then all the way down. I never did get a chance to thank you as well as apologize. I really can't say what happened that caused me to completely shut down mentally. It felt like a senses overload and I just couldn't think, which is a very dangerous thing to happen when diving. Thank you Tim for making sure that the dive was as safe as it could be. Thank you Tim for making sure I didn't go and do something stupid like crater in the ground.

Sherry Butcher- Thank you most of all. You were wonderful. You took an entire day out of your time to instruct the three of us. It really meant a lot to me, because skydiving was something I had always wanted to do, but never thought that I would be lucky enough to actually do it. It really was a perspective altering experience...I can't look at the sky anymore without wanting to jump again. Thank you Sherry for your time, effort and knowledge.

Chris Naujoks- While watching the movie that my other jump mate had made, I noticed that the parachute never would have gotten off his back if you had not had fixed it. I really appreciate you keeping my friend out of a very dangerous situation.

Mark Eckenrode


I won the skydiving in the July auction.  I am  sending you a picture of me in the air, from when I went on September 29th.  If you want to post it on your website that would be great. It was a great experience.  I was so thrilled going and wanted to thank you for the opportunity.  Let me know if you do post it on your website so I can have my friends look. 


Dawn McMahon    (note: winner from CD101 in Columbus)


The container arrived today and "thank you" does not begin to express our, well, our thanks.  This is in perfect, brand new condition, and fits Patty like it was custom made for her.  She even loves the colors!  We add you to the list of wonderful people we have met so far in this sport.   It's refreshing to have a product represented honestly and have it exceed our expectations!  When we are looking for additional gear in the future we will call you first and have already tried to send some business your way.  

Thanks so much for your help........Jesse & Patty Black



Thanks so much for the quick response. I will definitely be out Friday as long as it doesn't rain.   I was very surprised that not more DZs fly an Otter.   It is awesome.  I'm sure you get tons of feedback but I wanted you to know that thus far I am very very pleased and impressed with AerOhio and the staff.  Everyone has been so helpful and professional.  (Believe me!  I  have a very strong customer service background and I expect the same from other organizations and I'm getting it from you...Thank You)

Debbie Bunyan

You all are number ONE !!!  


To all,

Thank you, everyone at the center was great. I don't think I have ever met a more professional group.  From the time we walked up to the window till I was grinning from ear to ear after a breath-taking jump. WOW what a gas!!  I'll be back.  I'm working on my group of ten. Hope to see you all soon.  A special THANKS to Wink and Garfield lets keep in touch... At the airfield I hope.



AerOhio Skydiving,

I would like to thank everyone there for the awesome experience! I did my first tandem jump on 9-22-01 with Gary Murray, and Chris Naujoks was the photographer. (These guys rock!)  My friends and I were all impressed with how easy, simple, and professional everything was done.  I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for a place to take the dive. Again thanks to all at AerOhio who made this amazing experience possible to my friends and I.  You guys are great!!!
Aaron Hupp
Circleville, OH 


I just wanted to say thanks to Gary Murray for making my first tandem jump absolutely amazing, and to Lloyd for some really awesome photos & video. I was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of everyone there, and hope to get back soon. Thanks again guys, you help make AerOhio first rate! Carol Marsili Uniontown, Ohio


Dear Sir or Madame: Nikki Bolea here. My friend Alex and boyfriend Rick were at AerOhio on August 24th for our first skydiving experience. It was overcast that morning and we actually didn't think we were going to jump that day because jumping conditions were not good. As 2 hours passed by the sky started to get clearer and we started to get more and more anxious. Our time was slowly coming.............the moment we've been waiting for, SKYDIVING! We decided to do the tandem jump since none of us have ever had any skydiving experience. As we were ascending into the clear blue skies all I heard was "DOOR" and I was about ready to faint. I wanted to thank "Jess" my tandem instructor for being so nice, caring and understanding and for giving me that "extra push" when I was standing 14,000 feet above ground wondering what the hell I was thinking when planning this insane skydiving experience. WOW! What a rush that was! I ordered the video and there hasn't been one day that I haven't watched it and shared it with friends/family. Overall, everyone at AerOhio was so nice and supportive. Thanks also to "John" and "Linda" Winkler for everything and thanks to "Nate" the videographer, I love the videotape. We're even considering jumping for Labor Day. I'm sure we'll be back to visit with you all soon. P.S. We never did find out where "Braun" (sp?), he was Rick's tandem instructor really is from? What country? His accent is not from Georgia either. Ha, ha, ha. Take care. Blue Skies, Nikki Bolea



Today Jim, my boyfriend and I, took our level one AFF course and had our first jump.  We would like to thank you for an extremely professional and invigorating experience.  Elly was extremely knowledgeable and comforting at the same time.  We would just like to pass on that we had a fantastic time.  Keep up the great work!

Christine Merry



I wanted to let Sherry know that I am still interested in dubbing the tape of my Level 15 jump. I had the tape there yesterday however didn't get a chance to give it to you and had to leave quick for work.  If you still have it Monday I should be there that afternoon if you don't no problem.  Also thank Tim for the advise on flaring the NAV260 I tried it on my last jump and it worked perfect skimmed across the ground and had a great landing.  Felt like a pro:)

W Stought


Mickey Long and Winkler, 

I wanted to just say thanks to Mickey for bringing me down and making a great event.  You made my first jump a good experience.  I will do it again and Winkler thank you for the job you did on my pictures.  I watch the video a lot.  I'm still getting the pictures developed I'm having them put on a CD so I can e-mail them to people.  Well I just wanted to say thanks.

Josh Hollis


Tim &Sherry (& staff),

Just wanted to say this past weekend was a great time and I speak for many.  You guys have a great DZ, super staff, and the big-way event was awesome.  Keep it up!

Kelly Gilmore



I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the great time on Saturday.  By all accounts, the group had a fantastic time.  I'm sure we've got some new skydivers in the group!

Thanks again,

Matt Loncaric Office of the Speaker Pro Tem Ohio House of Representatives


Big AIR's Brian Germain was at Aerohio this weekend, equipped with loads of demos.  The Samurai (the new Jedei)  and the new airlocked square the "LOTUS"  were both very well received.  Freefly coaching with Brian was also available courtesy of Tim and Sherry Butcher.  Brian made over 20 coaching jumps in three days, free of charge to the customer!! Folks, if you haven't been to this incredible DZ, you need to put it on your schedule  before the snow falls!  Wonderful vibes, fantastic skydives, both flat and freesky,  CASA and the nicest Otter around...(which happened to be based there!) Truly one of the best places to skydive in the entire world.

Brian Germain


Tim and Sherry, I just wanted to say a quick thanks for all you did to make my first boogie experience a fun one. Sherry, thanks a bunch for going on the 2- way with me on Sat. morning. Thank you for the video, I already learned some things from watching it. (great teaching aid!!) Also , thanks for introducing me to some of the other people at the drop zone, I really appreciate you going out of your  way to do that. I am so glad that I chose Aerohio to learn to skydive - the staff and everyone else have been so good to me. Again, thanks for all you did for everyone this weekend.    Blue skies,   Gregg Dufort ________________________________________________

Had a great time.  Good skydives, excellent food, cold beer, good music, and old friends.  Thank you for the Boogie. John Carr ________________________________________________________

Tim and Sherry,

Hello! Just a brief note to let everyone there know how great it is to be back at Aerohio. The kindness, and professionalism of this drop-zone is what keeps me coming back. I would like to say thank you to Sherry for being a great coach, and for being patient with me. The dinner was great, and I look forward to seeing you all on the 4 of July! Blue Skies Heather "Smoke" ___________________________________________

Aerohio Owners,

I did a Tandem jump the end of July and just wanted to say Thank You to the instructor, Allen.  He went out of his way to make this first jump very enjoyable and memorable.  I really appreciated his knowledge and the way he made this jump very special.  Thanks to him skydiving was everything I though it would be and more.  I plan on continuing ane will do my first AFF in August.

Thank You, Connie Forrer


I wanted to take the time to thank you for the Demo opportunity this morning.  I enjoyed the Demos and of course the $ helps defray the cost of jumping for someone like me who doesn't want to work when he gets to the DZ ( I just love to spend money there!)  It was great to jump with Alan on his 1st Pro-rated Demo.  He started jumping right after me and has become a good friend.  He is a valuable asset to your DZ family and I know he appreciates the opportunities you create for him.  

See ya next weekend, John


Hi! I don't know if Tim and Megan told you, but skydiving was awesome!  Bram was my instructor.  It was great, and I'm definitely going again soon!  The facilities were nice and they made me feel really comfortable!




Thank you guys for such a GREAT boogie!!  I had soooo much fun!  I did my first tracking dive, got to jump with Brian Germain ( which was such a great experience!) and even made my first balloon jump- Ya hoo!!!  You really know how to make skydivers feel appreciated with showers, food, beer, camping (where else can you camp 5 feet off the runway?)  and even clean porta-potties (it's the little things that make a big difference!)  Skylar had a blast too and is now bored out of his mind, now that we're home.  Thanks again and I'm sure we'll see you all again before the season's over!  Great job!!!

Blues skies, Kym Lunardi


Hey Sherry!

Had  to bolt yesterday afternoon in a bit of a hurry... didn't have a chance to convey what an AWESOME weekend it was!  Thank you for making it GREAT!... the planes, the party, the pizza, the beer, the balloons and helicopter... and most importantly the whole atmosphere!  Super Boogie! Got a fired up email from my cousin, Scott, conveying pretty much the same sentiments... I think he's pretty much hooked>

Thanks Again, Mark


To all the staff at AerOhio I made my first jump -- a tandem jump -- on Saturday, June 16. It is BY FAR  the best thing I've ever done in my life!!! It was way better than I'd ever imagined-- words alone can't give an accurate description of the whole experience. This is something that I think everybody should try at least once; I should have done it a long time ago! Special thanks to Mickey (you really ARE the best!!!) for giving me something that I will never be able to forget... Jumping out of a "perfectly good airplane" can be a life-changing event for some people, and I hope the instructors know just how much their dedication and attention mean to their students. Special thanks also to Lloyd for capturing the excitement on film and video for me... I will always treasure them. I'm definitely impressed with AerOhio and will recommend you to anyone who is considering skydiving. You guys are awesome!!! I'll be back!!! Sincerely Leasa Novak


To whom it may concern,

My name is Patrick Michaud, I have enjoyed myself skydiving at your great drop zone 3 times. While I was there I grabbed your 1-800-skydive sticker for my car. Well since then I have bought  a new car, and would like to put a sticker on that car now. I was wondering if there would be anyway to get you to mail me a new sticker?

Hope to come back soon. Thank you Patrick Michaud


Sherry and Tim,

Please pass on to Bram and thanks to you guys, I became an AFF-Instructor today. The young guy I brought along with me and jumped with Bram decided not to take the course yet.. I am sure he will later on. Just tell Bram I appreciate the time he spent with us that Wednesday, every bit of instruction and training I received from everyone must have helped.

Thanks, Bruce Johnson


Tim & Sherry,

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you! There are some really good people in this business, and I rank you and Sherry at the TOP of THE BEST PEOPLE LIST!!

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! Thanks, Phil Hayze, owner Jumper


Hi there,

This is Tim Elkins. My brother Gary and I jumped up there on April 28th 2001, along with 3 friends. That jump was a Tandem jump, and it was a Blast!! Now we would like to  get another group together for another jump. I do not know at this time how many people I can get, but I do know that I want to jump on Wednesday in July. Gary and I would like to do the AFF jump this time, and my wife, Melinda is going to do the Tandem. I have some friends at work who would like to go as well, but I don’t know as yet what kind of jump they will be doing.

Thanks Tim Elkins


Hi Sherry

Your packing video is great. Much better than Pack like a Pro. Worth more than the ten dollar price. Winks video work was right on capturing the right shots and angles making it easy to see just what your explaining. You are a good teacher. I also purchased from you The Book on Canopies by Brian Burke. It is a wonderful book. It explained so much to me about how the canopy works and why my " slam on the brakes at the end of the skydive" landings don’t always work. I have stood up 26 of my last 29 landings but now I look forward to improving my technique and accuracy with the knowledge I gained from this book.

See you tomorrow, Blue Skies, Bill



Just wanted to say thanks for the hospitality on Sunday. I really enjoyed the DZ you and Tim have put together. I do plan on making your DZ my home away from home (Ha! Ha!) I was mostly impressed with the immediate attention and honest friendly atmosphere from your staff. You guys sure know how to make a new jumper feel welcome. Thank you so much Blue Skies! Bo Hamilton


Once again you folks made a dream come true for Buddy and me. The tandem was fabulous and freefalling is awesome. Thanks for running such a great organization.

Debbie Turoff



I just wanted to say THANK YOU for an incredible experience!! I got my pictures developed yesterday and they are awesome. I sent several in to be blown up and will e-mail them to you when I get them back. Thanks again for the AMAZING photography!! The photos make the memory a reality everyday. I can’t even work today. All I can think about is jumping out of that plane!!!!

Kathie and I will be back!! See you Saturday!!! Lesley


AerOhio Skydiving

We would like to thank you and the AerOhio staff, especially your tandem instructor’s Mickey and Mike, for a truly unforgettable experience. Our first tandem jumps were a once in a lifetime memory; we’ll never be able to replace. It’s a feeling you’re unable to describe to others, except as totally awesome!!! Everything was so perfect, from the great weather, to the almost flawless landings. Even our friends watching us, enjoyed themselves.

We can’t wait until the next time we jump, when we’ll try the Accelerated Freefall. We look forward to making this an annual event with you, and to introducing skydiving to many of our other friends. Once again, thank you very much for providing us with the opportunity to experience a thrill of a lifetime.

Sincerely, Mark Croghan, Chris Parson, Tim Pope


I am writing to thank everyone at AerOhio for an incredible experience. I did a tandem jump a few days ago and had a great time. Everyone was real courteous and made me feel at ease, so I didn’t really get to nervous. I think everyone in our little group who did tandem had a positive experience. My video and pictures turned out great and has allowed me to relive the moments again and again. I am already looking forward to jumping again. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Mike Cogliano


Dear AerOhio,

Thanks for a terrific AFF 1st jump. I can’t wait for my next one. Special thanks to  Bill, Wink, the pilot, Mick, and who ever packed my chute.

Tell the Worthington people to visit Java Station in Linworth and send some extra brochures and price lists. The pictures and video turned out great and several people are interested in jumping.

Thanks Nancy Taylor


Dear AerOhio,

I was so absolutely pleased with my skydiving experience on Saturday, June 20th, I found it absolutely necessary to send you this letter of praise. I sincerely thank you for providing me with one of the single most incredible experiences of my life to date. Certainly, it will not be the last.

My instructor made it clear that he truly cared for my class on an individual basis. He recognized our individual strengths and helped us improve on our weaknesses. His training helped make my first dive the best that I, personally, could possibly achieve. My jumpmasters were simply incredible. They were nothing less than perfectly professional, friendly, thorough, helpful and encouraging. They were quite forgiving of my errors, yet not so forgiving that they did not provide me with the constructive criticism I need to make my next jump even better.

My day simply could not have gone any better. The entire staff was courteous and helpful, and the experience was legendary. I anxiously await the day when my finances allow me to jump again.

You offer a truly wonderful service, one you should be proud of. Please share this letter with your staff-they made me feel like a god for a few, glorious moments, the least I can do is put a smile on the faces of those responsible.

Best wishes, Tim Greathouse



I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great experience I had a Saturday!! I have wanted to skydive since I was a child and I finally did it. I enjoyed the class experience with Ed. The jump with Todd and Joel was exceptional. Both were very supportive and made me feel comfortable before and after the jump. If either of them is online, have them drop me an email sometime. I have gone over the experience in my mind and it is one of the greatest thrills I have ever had!!

Thanks again!!! Steve Browning


I wanted to send a quick, "Thank You" to Tim and Sherry Butcher for getting one of my Marines back in the harness. Sgt. Clarence Huggins was here on an administrative duty this weekend and mentioned it to me.

There is something that I’m not sure if he mentioned to you, but can account for his actions. I would hope that you would keep this between us and not mention it to him. He will share it with you, when he is ready.

Sgt. Huggins is a hell of a paratrooper and could be counted on when others may have said it was not feasible, but he has not jumped out of an airplane since the Gulf War in ’92. During a HALO mission he watched one of his men fall to his death and it disturbed him so much that he refused to exit another aircraft. So, I am extremely happy that after 5 years he decided to give it another chance. I believe that he is comfortable with you or else he would not have even jumped. And if he told you he would be back, then you can count on it.

Thanks for all your skill, and Semper Fidelis Gen. Allen A. Boothby


Hello everyone at AerOhio! I just wanted to thank you again for an incredible experience. Our group had a wonderful time and most of us want to come back and do it again!  The videos that we had taken were excellent. You all did a spectacular job. Tom and I had our pictures developed and they were amazing! (Special thanks to "Blink" for lots of great shots! O.K., my eyes are closed in a majority of them, but hey, I was a little terrified at the time…) I am sending you copies of the ones that are my favorites, so you can see what a good job you did! Please thank Paul for me for being such a good tandem instructor. I had a great time and look forward to coming back.

Thanks again for your hospitality and as soon as we are all ready to do it again, you’ll be the first to know!

Kimberly Neeland


Dear Guys at Aerohio,

I had a really great time jumping with you all. Thanks you very much for welcoming me to you DZ. It is always nice to ho some place new and find a drop zone where the people are still friendly and enjoy skydiving with everyone. You guys run a real quality operation and I know that will pay off in the future as more and more people find out what a great DZ you all have.

I am sending here a check for $28. In all the excitement of meeting Dana Bowman on Saturday and of jumping with him and his buddies. I left that afternoon and completely forgot to pay for my two jumps that I made I apologize for that and hope that it did not cause any inconveniences.

I hope I can come jump with you guys some other time in the future. Thanks again for everything you made my stay in Cleveland a much better one.

Sincerely, Frank Rubio


Tim and Sherry,

Thanks for your hospitality this past July 4th. I really appreciated your transporting me about, and finding a place for me to stay.

You have one of the best organized, professionally run drop zones I’ve seen. I’m not just saying that because we know one another; you really do.

Thanks again, Warm regards, Paul Geddes, Aviation Risk Fund LLC     (Editors note:  Paul  manages the #1 insurance provider to jump aircraft in the US.)


Dear Tim and Staff

Yesterday evening (Sunday) as I sat after the last load, watching the DZ grow dark and quiet. I watched the jumpers all gather in the barn, watch videos, and talk about how much fun they had. I also watched a lone man dragging bags and gear to the plane, as the last of the light was fading. The same man then filed his empty fuel tanks, and began strapping his gear down in the back of the plane. As I got off my ass, and went to help him. I realized how selfish and self-centered we the jumpers can be sometimes. The man who made the great day possible for all the skydivers, was dropped like a dirty shirt. Sunday, as I was preparing to leave in the dark to return home. That man was Chuck, the pilot.

Tim, I’ve never met you,, but I have met three of your pilots (Dennis, Chuck, and Dennis) I’ve also jumped the Caravan. Your aircraft is the nicest plane I’ve had the privilege to jump from, and your pilots are the safest, most considerate and will mannered pilots. I’ve met at any DZ.

So on behalf of myself, Frontier Skydivers, and all the jumpers in Western NY, and Southern Ontario who have used your plane and pilots, I’d like to thank you, and your staff for making this all be possible for us. I hope to come to your DZ sometime in the near future, but till then…

Thanks a lot, Mark Adams


Chris and Aerohio Staff,

Thank you for a fabulous adventure in skydiving. I had an amazing time, especially for my first jump, and I got some great photos. Here’s a couple of photos as a small gift of thanks.

You guys rock! Thanks again Jenny Swanson


Dear Aerohio,

I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to the staff at Aerohio. My wife, Laurie, and I experienced our first jump on October 12th of this year, and it was an experience we will never forget. Skydiving has always been something I’ve always wanted to try, and I’m very glad we took the time to do it. What a great way to enjoy like to its fullest!!

In my line of work, I’ve learned to "size up" people I come in contact with, and I pride myself in being a good judge of character. Let me say that I am very impressed with the staff at Aerohio. The friendly, caring attitudes of everyone we came in contact with made our first jump a little less frightening, and a lot of fun.

A very special thanks to Peter, and Jess for taking me on my first two accelerated free fall jumps. Their professionalism is something Aerohio can be proud of. They took the time to answer all my questions thoroughly, and made my first two skydives a lot of fun. I was impressed with my first skydive experience that I recommended Aerohio to my coworkers.

On behalf of my wife, Laurie, I again want to express my sincerest thanks to Aerohio. If we don’t make it back this year, we will see you in March.

Sincerely, Jerry and Laurie Botdorf


Dear Aerohio,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for such an awesome experience- I loved every second of my time there on Saturday, October 30th with my friends from Scorchers in the Valley. I’ve highly recommended the adventure to many of my friends and I look forward to the spring when we plan on returning to jump once again. Special thanks to Shawn for being such a wonderful instructor and really making me feel comfortable with the whole experience. All in all I’d have to say it was one of the greatest afternoon’s of my life!

Thanks again Amy L. Wingerter


A big HI to Sherry, Tim, and everyone else at Aerohio,

I’m just writing to let you all know how much I enjoyed jumping with the group that went with the caravan to Pittsburgh Sunday. The whole group, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, exhibited the results of good training, high skill levels, and very good discipline. I was truly impressed. There was no sloppy flying, no hard docking, no docking in other peoples slots, just good quality RW.  On one jump, due to a mistake on the leg kick I left the plane very early, and went several hundred feet low, 6000 feet later when I got to my slot, it was open and waiting for me. You folks at Aerohio must be doing something right. I was impressed with the jumpers form there at the otter boogie at Pittsburgh, and at the Casa boogie at Aerohio a few weeks ago also. And a special thanks to John for the good organizing! I am impressed!

Thanks Tom Lockhart


To Elly and the Aerohio Staff,

It’s 4:30 am on the morning after my first AFF. I awoke ½ hour ago and immediately began thinking of every detail of my jump. I cannot fall back to sleep as I am mentally moving through the jump process, over and over and over. I haven’t stopped receiving that moment since it occurred at approximately 7:30 pm, June 25th. I have never experienced such a feeling in my entire life. The absolute freedom of exiting the plane into such a vast open space, yet only feeling the sensation of falling for a second or two, is my most vivid memory.

The flight down was also incredible. I never imagined it would be so breath taking and relaxing at the same time.

During my debriefing, we talked about the inability to find words expressive enough for this experience. Well, it’s now about 9 hours since my AFF and I still can’t find just the right words to describe my feelings.

Thanks again Elly, and Thank Bram and Wink for me too.

I’m jumping again tomorrow, the 27th, and I already feel like it won’t get here quick enough.

Thanks to everyone Frank E. Smith


Dear Sherry and Tim,

I wanted to thank you and everyone there at Aerohio for the great time we had yesterday. We made 5 jumps, which was our goal. I also want to write that we all were very impressed with the operation you’ve put together, especially the constructive interplay among the teams. Alan was great about introducing us to people. And Sue Murphy helped us a lot with some coaching. I don’t have her email, but would you forward this to her?

We’re in the process of discussing what we’ll do this coming weekend. It’s a bit complicated because one of out team had 2 cells of his triathlon blow up on the last jump. But we’ll manage somehow.

Cheers, Brian


Thank you for a great weekend it was thrill of a lifetime. Please keep me in your records and on your email list

Sincerely, Tom Weidner


To all the staff,

On Sunday I went on my first Tandem Skydive. The freefall was the best. Mark Belmont was great. He was professional and I felt I was in good hands all the way down.

There was so much to take in that I need to do this again. The only trouble I had was with my harness around my legs and my landing. Sorry about that Mark.

Now that I have done this once I hope to do better next time. In the fall with the autumn colors would be beautiful I think.

Eileen Matias Akron, Oh


Thank you all so very much it was quite an adventure no doubt I will be back. I just got my pictures back and thank you Lloyd for a wonderful job taking the photos. I especially want to thank Gary Murray. Gary was very professional and did an excellent job. I will bring all my friends next time.

Thank you all, Gary Nance

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